A 6-week fast track to food freedom

It's time to get off the yo-yo diet roller coaster now!

You already know that dieting is not the right answer, but what is? And how do you take back a feeling of control when life is so busy? Instead of being just one more thing, it has to fit into your everyday life the way it is right now.

Do you want to stop thinking about food all the time and learn how to nourish your body without restrictions with a plan you can trust?

This program is designed with YOU (and your busy life) in mind. The Ditch the Diet Boot camp is a six-week program that includes:

  • Weekly meetings via Zoom with course content presented by me (Julie) and time for your questions.
  • A framework of solutions to work through
  • An online platform with downloadable resources and bite-size video lessons.

6 weeks for only $487

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    The Framework

    Stage 1: Learn why dieting doesn't work and how your body responds physically, mentally, and emotionally. We'll cover...

    • The statistics and research on diets, weight charts, the BMI, and how it got tangled up in our healthcare system leading to bias, stigma, and poor health outcomes.
    • How your metabolism works, about appetite and satiety hormones, genetics and body type, and how weight is not an appropriate indicator of health.
    • How to begin incorporating health promoting behaviors that fit into your personal life using assessment tools and individual reflection exercises.

    Stage 2: Learn how mindful and emotional eating can coexist and gain tools to implement practices that will provide true control. In this stage, we'll cover...

    • Hunger and satiety cues, how dieting leads to distracted and unconscious eating, and what to do about it.
    • What makes meals satisfying and how to build those principles into your relationship to food.
    • How allowing yourself to eat and reducing stigma around food and weight will provide you with the space and control to make the choices that are right for you.

    Stage 3: Learn how to make the choices that are right for you with principles for creating habit change and authentic nutrition solutions. In this final stage we'll go over...

    • Some skills for body image healing and how that work will provide you with the resources needed to allow true change to happen in your life.
    • The science of habit change, what reasonable expectations look like, and how to implement them in your life.
    • Plus, you'll get a checklist for keeping your food freedom journey going. What might be getting in your way, and how do we solve it!

    A 6-week program to fast track your food freedom journey!